Why I chose to become an Android Developer?

Safa Orhan
3 min readSep 25, 2020


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The first programs I wrote was in Turbo C and were looking like this:

It was fun to write programs and interact with users via console (command line interface) but as you said I got bored fast because I found it rather impractical.

I want to code programs with good UI and extensive interactive capabilities.

Then I started learning C# and writing Windows Form Applications. It was magical to me at that moment!

I could create UIs by drag & drop and make programs that people can really interact:

After spending a few years learning C# better and building dozens of Windows Form Applications, it hit me:

It was very hard to sell desktop applications as an individual and the market was shrinking!

I needed to be able to sell my programs to end customers easily and conveniently.

Then I discovered the mobile app market. Specifically Android apps.

The entry barrier was low comparing to iOS app development since you need a Mac (or Macbook) to develop iOS apps and preferably an iPhone to test your app realistically.

What I needed was to install Eclipse (now Android Studio), learn how to program in Java (now Kotlin) and learn the Android SDK.

I had already known the fundamentals of programming like variables, arrays, functions and such.

I had already had much experience with an object-oriented language (C#) so it was easy to learn and adapt to another language.

I started learning Android Development and built lots of apps. I worked in companies of various size as an Android Developer and worked in projects which have millions of downloads!

You can try learning Android apps development, it’s very user-centric and practical. You can build a wide range of apps.

If you need learning materials, I wrote a guide on learning Android development for beginners. Check it out here:

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